Seasonality in Real Estate?

We often hear Real estate agents spruiking “Spring Season is Selling Season”. But is there really a seasonality to real estate? Having been in the industry for well over 12 years I would any real seasonality has pretty much evaporated.

Preparing your home for sale

Preparing your home for sale – the 1:3 Ratio Rule Preparing your home for sale is vital if you wish to attract a better price – that is obvious. But like most things, there is more to this than initially meets the eye.

Welcome 2023: Renewed energy and growth!

Welcome 2023: Renewed energy and growth!

Welcome 2023: Renewed energy and growth!
We hope you are feeling refreshed after the Christmas New Year break. We certainly kept busy putting all our listed homes under contract. We did get a chance to take a breath and enjoy time with friends and family.

Pricing Apps & Websites

You may have seen the adverts where a buyer is speaking with an Agent who says one thing, but then buyer smirks as they pull out their phone with an app showing the ‘real’ price, in which they’re depicted to either have dodged a bullet or got a bargain. Wow the app just saved them 100s of thousands, right……no! But first lets look at what these apps are and how do they obtain this information.

Selling an empty property

Selling Empty properties
If you are a seller and you are tempted to place your home on the market empty, please think again.Whatever the reason, empty properties always struggle to achieve anywhere near the price of dressed or styled homes.

Who Pays the Top Dollar

We quite often heard homeowners note the previous Agent they saw made comments like; “this would be perfect for a young couple, we need to say it’s perfect for them” or “you know, retirees would love this, we should say that in the ad”. The homeowner was therefore under the impression they should specifically target market to a particular demographic– I couldn’t agree less.