Meet the Team

Shawn Kristofer • Selling Principal

Shawn is a master of detail and a seasoned warrior in the art of negotiation. With over two decades of experience in sales, he has skillfully navigated complex, high-stakes transactions involving multiple stakeholders, always striving to secure the best outcomes for his clients. His deep understanding of the negotiation process is matched by his commitment to championing his clients’ interests.

In collaboration with his clients, Shawn crafts innovative marketing campaigns that are not only well-directed but also creatively tailored to tap into the psychology of potential buyers. His strategic approach ensures that your property is positioned for maximum impact and success in the marketplace.

0411 532 333


Kym Kristofer • Selling Principal

Kym’s presence lights up every room with her radiant smile and infectious positivity. A true connector, she excels at forging deep bonds with buyers, gaining invaluable insights into their needs and desires. Since joining forces with Shawn in 2008, Kym has been the cornerstone of the team, ensuring unity and seamless collaboration.

A digital and social media virtuoso, Kym guarantees that your property shines in the online realm. Her expertise in presenting homes in the best possible light ensures that every listing not only captivates but also captures the hearts of potential buyers

0412 409 498


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