Shawn and Kym sponsor Club Manly

Shawn and Kym team up with Club Manly!

We are delighted to announce our corporate sponsorship of Club Manly.  An historic part of the Wynnum Manly community, Club Manly saw the first ball roll across its lawn in 1955.  It has long been an integral social part of the community, an establishment for the whole family. This legendary institution stands for community. When first approached to sponsor the club, we were immediately struck by the passion for the sport and incredible community spirit the club represents.  It truly is a place for everyone to come together and enjoy a laid-back relaxed environment. 

Already we have taken advantage of the bare foot bowls with team bonding as part of our sponsorship – there is always benefit in healthy competition.  We admire the nurturing words of wisdom and passion that our very patient and calm teachers show us as we find our feet on the green.  Club Manly has given us the opportunity to meet and learn from many of the other businesses that celebrate our wonderful community who have been around as long as the club!   

We were surprised at the variety of excellent offerings you can enjoy on this quiet Manly West Street!

There are so many things you can enjoy at Club Manly including:

  • Competition and Barefoot Bowls
  • BBQ for Hire
  • Trivia every Thursday night
  • Live entertainment on Friday night
  • Bistro open for dinner Thursday and Friday nights
  • Enjoy coffee and cakes on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday lunches
  • The club house is fully airconditioned and the covered lawn ensures you can enjoy a roll up year round

We look forward to supporting this iconic club and having some great fun in the process!  You can find Club Manly on 26 Faine Street, Manly West! We hope to see you there soon.

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