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Resources for Buyers

Brisbane’s Housing Market Continues to Soar in 2024

Brisbane’s Housing Market Continues to Soar in 2024

Brisbane's housing market has shown impressive growth in the first quarter of 2024, according to the latest PropTrack Home Price Index report. Home prices in Brisbane have risen at a fast pace, now standing 12.90% above March 2023 levels. This robust growth has been...

Which One? – Buying a home

Navigating the Home-Buying Maze: Units, Townhouses, and Houses Explained When venturing into homeownership, many find themselves at a crossroads, wondering whether a unit, townhouse, or standalone house best suits their needs. This decision is crucial and warrants a...

ALL Buyers Should Know these 3 FREE Websites

Have you heard the saying “being informed is being forewarned’? Quite simply, it means if you have the correct information on hand before you make a decision, it can save a lot of heartache should something come up unexpected. In this article the 3 FREE Websites ALL Buyers Should Know

Formal Offer Vs Letter of Offer

The best way to make an offer is to ask the Real Estate Agent for a copy of the Contract of Sale and make a formal offer. Why? Because once your offer is formalised, the real estate agent is legally bound to present it to the seller. Now, isn’t that a game-changer?

Buying and Selling in a Hot Market

If you’ve been searching for a property for a while, you would be well aware of the increasing property prices – excellent news for all property owners. There has been 2% growth in Brisbane house prices in August alone and 18.3% in the past 12 months^. While current...

What are you looking for?

We appreciate quite a number of people come through open homes to see what’s out there, to get a handle on the market. That’s fair enough and we do encourage people to do their research. But we often surprised when we speak to people, many simply have no idea of what they want. So what are you looking for?

Pricing Apps & Websites

You may have seen the adverts where a buyer is speaking with an Agent who says one thing, but then buyer smirks as they pull out their phone with an app showing the ‘real’ price, in which they’re depicted to either have dodged a bullet or got a bargain. Wow the app just saved them 100s of thousands, right……no! But first lets look at what these apps are and how do they obtain this information.

Real Estate – Quick Bites

Ever gone to a specialist in an industry and they use terms you really don’t understand? Here are some quick bites on Real Estate industry speak you have probably heard but may not have understood correctly.

Building and Pest – Pass or Fail

When purchasing a home in Queensland, the standard Law Society Contract for House and Residential Land hold several consumer protections. One, in particular, is the Building and Pest clause.

Open Home Etiquette

Open Home Etiquette

Generally, a more convenient and time-efficient method. But the open home is not a free for all to do whatever you want. Remember, this is someone’s home. You are invited (albeit a general invitation) and like with all invitations; there is expected etiquette.